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General | 3200 lecturas

Do not worry about human activities, if you do you will be less productive... 

Do not be afraid, most things do not happen... 

Do not hold grudges; they are one of the heaviest burdens in our lives... 

Face every problem, leave them at the feet of Jesus and rest in Him.  When you are thinking about it the least, it will be solved... 

Do not reflect the problems and sufferings of those around you, advise them to turn to the one true God for help... 

Do not relive the past, it is gone forever. Concentrate on the present, pointing to the future... 
Learn to listen; sometimes, God wants to say things to you through others, so you can make the correct decisions in your life...

Do not feel down due to frustration, self-pity only slows down and blocks the positive action ...
Count your blessings, do not forget the smaller ones, they are all part of the great blessings of GOD.


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