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A Light of Hope

I hope to reach you through these messages, to give you courage, strength and hope. I know that you are going through difficult times and you're struggling to keep going. These words are intended to help you find reasons to smile again.



You may not understand certain things because the time has not yet arrived when I will reveal to you my entire plan, my purpose. Although you do not understand, trust and believe, and remember that my ways are not your ways.  

You may not know my mind by trying to understand and analyze everything with your human mind. I reveal my thoughts and my ways through my spirit, to all those who are receptive and open, to those who believe, accept and wish to hear my voice.

I promise that if you continue forward, even though you do not even know for sure if you'll have the strength to stand, you will not fail. Just as gold is purified in the furnace of the refiner, which passes through the burning flames, it comes out as pure gold. If I put you to the test, it is to remove all impurities that limit you. Therefore, do not be afraid of trials, I send them to you because I love you, to purify and always answer your prayers.  
With love. Jesus


To fall and rise again, fail again and begin to follow a path and have to go back, finding pain and having to deal with it. That... do not call it adversity, call it: "Wisdom"… 

Feeling god's hand and knowing you are helpless, setting one goal and having to follow another, to run away from a trial and having to face it, to plan a plane trip and having to cut it, and have aspirations and not see them realized, to want to do something and not knowing how, to never get ahead.  
That ... does not call it punishment, call it: "Education"…  

Spending days together that are radiant, happy days and sad days, lonely days and days of companionship that... does not call it routine, call it: "Experience"…  

Going through times of testing and your soul radiates life, and your heart loves.  
that ... do not call it coincidence or call it an accident, call it: "Divine Will"…  

that your eyes are reading this message, that you feel  heard and  special ...  don’t call that concern or call it chemistry, call it: "Love"


When the sky is gray, remember where you saw it deep blue. When you feel cold, think of a radiant sun that has warmed you. When you suffer a defeat, remember your successes and your achievements. When you need love, relive your experiences of affection and tenderness. Remember what you've experienced and what you have given with joy.

Remember the gifts you have been given, the hugs and kiss that you have received, the scenery you've enjoyed and the laughter that has poured from you. If you have had this, you can go back and have it all over again, and what you've accomplished, you can win all over again.  

Rejoice in the good you have and for the good of others, accept them as they are; discarded sad and painful memories, and above all have no bitterness, don’t hurt yourself anymore. Think about what is good and kind, what is beautiful and true.  

As you look back over your life, stop at beautiful memories and emotions and re-live them again. Visualize that sunset that touched you. Relive the spontaneous caress that you were given. Enjoy again the peace that you have already known, think about it and live well.  

All these images are stored in your mind, and only you can decide what to look at again! There is no charge that we are given that we will not have the capacity to carry. Always look at the present by learning from the past, don’t carry situations and problems that have already passed.  

Think about this:¬†¬ŅWhat was your biggest challenge 10 years ago? Now it is probably nothing. Now, within 10 years your current problems will not be anything. Why live in sadness over them?¬†¬†Mother Teresa of Calcutta


I went to the clinic of the lord Jesus to get a routine checkup. I felt good, but to my surprise, I was diagnosed with some problems of spiritual health.  

When Jesus took my blood pressure I was low on tenderness. By taking my temperature, the thermometer registered 105 of anxiety.  

I did an ECG and was told I would need a bypass of love, because my arteries were blocked by loneliness and were not supplying my heart. 

He checked my legs and arms, as they could not walk beside my neighbor and could not give a brotherly embrace because I had done harm to them by becoming envious.  

I also found that I had myopia that could not see beyond the negative things my neighbor had.  

When I told him that I could not hear well, Jesus, diagnosed me as having the problem that I had ceased to hear his voice every day.  

Therefore, Jesus gave me these instructions: Upon getting up, while fasting, drink a glass of gratitude... Before coming to work, take a tablespoon of patience...  

Every hour, take a spoonful of peace and a few drops of meekness ... on reaching home, to inject a dose of love ...  
And before bed, take two capsules of repentance to cleanse my conscience ...  

"Do not be depressed nor discouraged, by what you're experiencing today. God knows exactly how you feel, follow his will and purpose and have a heart full of joy‚ÄĚ


Don’t worry about human activities, if you do you will be less productive...  

Do not be afraid, most things do not happen...  

Do not hold grudges; they are one of the heaviest burdens in our lives...  

Face every problem, leave them at the feet of Jesus and rest in him.  When you are thinking about it the least, it will be solved...  

Don’t reflect the problems and sufferings of those around you, advice them to turn to the one true god for help...  

Do not relive the past, it is gone forever. concentrate on the present, pointing to the future...  

Learn to listen; sometimes, god wants to say things to you through others, so you can make the correct decisions in your life...

Do not feel down due to frustration, self-pity only slows down and blocks the positive action ...

Count your blessings, do not forget the smaller ones, they are all part of the great blessings of GOD.


Even when the world overwhelms you and does not give you the solutions you're looking for... REST.  

If your soul is filled with concern and you feel in your heart that there is no hope... REST.  

When you want to run away because you can not do anymore... REST.  

When you lose the brightness of your eyes, you cannot find words, nor do you want to listen... REST.  

If you've lost money in business, if you have been laid off from work ... If you have a loved one who is sick... REST.

It doesn’t matter at what point in life you grew tired... What matters is that it is always possible and necessary to rest.  

Rest is giving you a new opportunity to gain strength and renew hope for a new life.

Rest is to acknowledge that you have been supporting yourself in the wrong place, you've been relying on those who do not deserve your trust and you've been waiting for a train that will never come.  

Rest is simply to leave all our struggles, anxieties, concerns and circumstances, ultimately, to leave our lives in the best hands in which we may be‚Ķ The same hands that healed, resurrected Lazarus, helped multitudes, and were nailed to a cross for all of us... ‚ÄúThe hands of Jesus‚ÄĚ ¬†

"Many think that only rest in peace when you die. I suggest you rest in peace for now and for eternity‚ÄĚ


A man went to a barber to cut his hair and started a conversation with the barber. During the conversation the barber said:  
I do not believe that God exists.  
- Why do you say that? Inquired the customer.  
It is very easy; you go outside, you realize that God does not exist ... And if he does, tells me: if god exists, why are so many sick? Why are children abandoned? No, friend, if God existed, there would be no suffering, and so much pain for mankind. I can not believe that there is a God who permits all these things.  

The client remained thinking and didn’t want to respond in order to avoid an argument. Upon completion of the barber’s work, the client went out of the business and saw a man with a beard and long hair. He came back to the barber and said:  
- Do you know what? barbers do not exist.  
- What? What do you think I am, then?  
- No! said the client, barbers do not exist, because if there were barbers, no one would have long hair and long beards like that man walking down the street.  
-Barbers do exist; the problem is that these people do not come to me.  
- Exactly... Said the client. That is the point. God does exist, what happens is that people will not and do not seek him, and that is why there so much pain and misery... 

There is only one word to believe, FAITH. You know what that means? TO BELIEVE IN THE UNSEEN.  

"If you now believe that God exists, let him come to dwell in your heart, and you will see how your life is transformed and you will feel a peace you have never felt before‚Ä̬†


For a long time a famous painter was devoted to what he considered the masterpiece of his career. Once he was finished, it was brought before a large audience of the public, journalists and critics.  

It was remarkable to see how the work was received by all present with a warm applause of recognition.  

In painting one sees Jesus gently tapping the door of a house. What stand out in this painting are the light and especially the reality of Jesus himself, who seems to hear a response from the other side, knowing that the person he was seeking was right inside.  

Critics agreed that the work was entirely perfect, but one of them who observed the painting very carefully, noticed something. Immediately he called the painter and asked him, ‚ÄúSir, your work is almost perfect, except for one small detail-the door has no handle. how could you have forgotten this important detail?‚ÄĚ

The painter with a smile and much love, explained to his critic: ‚ÄĚThe doors to those Jesus calls have no lock on the outside, only inside, he never will force a door open, only the owner can do open it‚ÄĚ ¬†

Jesus says:¬†"Behold I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter in, and have fellowship with him, and he with me‚Ä̬†¬†Revelation 3:20

If you want to open the door of your heart to Jesus, make this prayer:  
"Lord Jesus, come into my heart and save me, I confess that Jesus Christ is my lord, forgive my sins and all the wrong I have done. By faith I believe, by faith I receive you. In the name of Jesus. Amen‚ÄĚ


Life is an opportunity, take advantage.  
Life is beauty, admire it.  
Life is bliss, savor it.  
Life is a dream, make it a reality.  
Life is a challenge, confront it.  
Life is a duty, fulfill it.  
Life is a game, play it.  
Life is precious, look after it.  
Life is rich; store it up.  
Life is love, enjoy it.  
Life is mystery, unveil it.  
Life is a promise, keep it.  
Life is sorrow, overcome it.  
Life is a hymn, sing it. 
Life is a struggle, accept it.  
Life is a tragedy, get over it.  
Life is an adventure, face it.  
Life is happiness, deserve it.  
Life is life, defend it.  

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  • Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. life follows faith as night follows day"
  • "When life gives you reason to mourn, show life that you have a thousand and one reasons to laugh" ¬†
  • "Jesus loves you, he wants to be your strength in this time of distress" ¬†
  • "Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and choices made ... today!"
  • "Problems do not move the lord, but faith does"
  • "Victory is the art of continuing, where others choose to stop"
Spirituality, patients, family, care givers - José Luis Prieto
Translation: Dan Ryder